Still, natural effervescent, or sparkling, Egeria Water, with its great variety of formats, meets everyone’s needs.


Elegance at the table

This format, a welcome addition to even the most sophisticated tables, is the right solution for all food service establishments. The bottle is made with white glass to guarantee maximum transparency, a quality essential for a prestige water. The bottle is also embellished with an original label, and topped with a screw cap to enhance the water’s taste and effervescence. This line is available in both disposable and returnable formats.

  • GLASS 50 cl

  • GLASS 75 cl

  • GLASS 100 cl



What the family drinks

The PET line represents lightness, resistance and practicality. It is designed for everyday household use, but also for quick and informal food service situations. It is perfect to take along to the office or gym, accompanying you in every moment of the day.

  • PET 50 cl

  • PET 100 cl

  • PET 150 cl


The drinks line started with a long and accurate ingredients selection. It provides you with a freshness explosion, natural flavors and aromas to discover every day the taste and genuineness of the Italian tradition.


The taste of tradition


Rediscover the colour, joy and genuine taste of Italian tradition in four delicious varieties: Aranciata, Chinotto, Spuma and Gassosa. To be sipped right to the very last bubble!


– GLASS 20 cl


Timeless classics


This line is out to be shared in relaxing moments, whether at home or at the bar. Two classics of unmistakable taste are offered: the Non-Alcoholic Aperitif, and the Red Bitter. Packaging is available in 6-bottle clusters

– VETRO 10 cl