The bond with the territory and environmental sustainability are deeply rooted values for Egeria, which for more than 70 years has preserved the aquifer layer that has fed the spring for more than 2 millennia. These values translate into concrete actions to produce as little environmental impact as possible, thanks to proper management of the products’ life cycle, respect for standards of excellence, and the use of modern technologies and clean energy.

Since 2016, thanks to the innovative PET line bottling plant, the company has reduced its energy consumption by more than 30%. Container weight has also diminished, thanks to an innovative design conceived to maintain its practicality unchanged. A powerful photovoltaic system constantly ensures clean energy, and the recovery line guarantees appropriate disposal and recycling of PET packaging. The spring’s proximity to the facility, and the tradition of provisioning water at the source through the 400 fountains, considerably limits CO2 emissions by sparing vehicles from having to travel long routes through the streets – which of course would pollute the air and our water.

Ecological sensitivity becomes real and tangible inside this park, where the “green” concept is made available to all thanks to the playground, the picnic area, the well-tended paths, the bicycle rental spaces, and lastly the markets organized in collaboration with Coldiretti, the National Confederation of Italian  Farmers’ where producers and consumers meet to sell and buy products from the land.